The Raptor 650 is powered by the Suzuki engine with digital SDTV (Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve) injection and PAIR (Pulsed secondary air injection). Probably the most obvious makeover item is the new instrument cowl from the X3 concept bike.


An incisor-shaped beak houses the instrument pod and is finished off with an almost horizontal tinted plexiglass screen. The surface area of this little cowl was designed to give more lift to the front end that is further laden because of the handlebar positioning. The lower steering column is set back by 15 mm thus offering a much better riding position and better weight distribution (50/50 including the rider) and more directional stability. The saddle has also undergone some improvements. The rider's section has been covered with an anti-slip material whereas the pillion passenger's section has been made more comfortable thanks to a new design that offers more overall length and breadth.

CAGIVA raptor
CAGIVA raptor


The Raptor 650 is beautifully balanced and easily leaves the chaos of traffic behind it, turns heads wherever you go. It is perfect for getting out of the city as quickly as possible to find the find the infinitely more rewarding twisty roads it revels. The Raptor 650 is loved above all for its minimalist styling that makes this outstanding machine a true work of art on wheels. The raked lines sculpted into the liftable polymer fuel tank allow for simple air filter and front cylinder inspection. The saddle at only 775 mm from the round offers total bike control to riders of all sizes. The tractability of the engine, limited weight and light but precise steering are just more features that make the Raptor 650 ideally suited to new riders and yet can still more than satisfy more experienced riders. The instrument panel is dominated by the tandem style dials of the Nippon Seiki rev counter and digital multi-function speedometer.




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